Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some highlights of 2010

It snowed just about as crazy as I could ever have remembered it... and Roslyn was a fierce snowball fighter.

We were obsessed with all things Princess and the Frog.

We enjoyed a lovely rooftop Easter morning at the Raven.

We lounged about in the grass at the square, playing with ladybugs, cloud watching and making up games and stories.

I discovered that maybe I am not so alone in my distaste for how this town can be... backwards and appalling at times.  I was happy to take part in a protest for the first time.

We celebrated the 4th of July with family and friends, water slides and more.

I marveled in the absolute beauty of Roslyn and couldn't believe what a little lady she has become as I did our yearly Sharlot Hall rose garden shoot.

Roslyn started Kindergarten at Lincoln School

I finally got to see the dinosaurs!

We put our toes in the ocean and the sand at Newport Beach.

We got to spend an unexpected day in Disneyland right after school started!

I spent a ton of awesome time with one of my favorite girls who has been here while her hubby has been deployed.

Saw the Jimmy Eat World twice, and will be seeing them again on the 31st!

Finally got to have the day away down to Tucson with Drew to stay at the Hotel Congress.  Woot!

We played in the beautiful fall leaves at the Square.

We had a amazing family vacation in Disneyland for Halloweentime... and it started what will surely be a yearly tradition.

Roslyn had her acting debut... playing the role of cheese in 'No Turkey for Perky'.

We met Kat Von D at her book signing down in the valley.

Roslyn and I met Craig from American Electric Tattoo at the Fairy Festival

We went to a Fairy Festival and had a simply magical time.

We finally experienced the moment we had all been waiting for.... TANGLED!  Roslyns newest favorite thing ever.

I got to spend some time with one of my very best friends and sister, Crystal.  She came up to celebrate Roslyns birthday with us and we couldn't have been happier!

Roslyn celebrated her 6th birthday with us at the Olive Garden on December 9th!

My baby is SIX YEARS OLD!?!

We went to Acker Night and had a blast

Drew sat in at Acker night and generally kept busy with music all season long.

Acker Night 2010

I had far too much fun with this guy.

and this guy and I have been an 'us' for 12 years as of December 1st.  We're celebrating our 12 year anniversary NEXT MONTH!

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