Wednesday, March 16, 2011


(this post is inspired by Tina's post on her blog)

currently missing my Roslyn girl... this time with Grandma is great for her, but brutal on me!

currently looking forward to tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day concert in Tempe... going to see Flogging Molly!

currently listening to my iPod on shuffle and rediscovering music I love but have neglected lately.

currently in the mood to scrapbook now that I have finally gotten the scrapbook stuff in and organized in the bedroom.

currently loving the spring like weather we are enjoying here in Prescott.  It's been lovely.

currently excited about Saturdays Faerie Frolic day down in the valley.

currently wishing I had a Pina Colada Sobee... yum.

currently feeling like I should drink more water.

currently happy that I have made so much progress on the big to do list that I started a few weeks ago.  Only ten things left on a list of 30+.

currently rocking my Jimmy Eat World shirt... and hoping that they decide to add an AZ show date to their return to the US tour run.

currently suffering major Disneyland withdrawls lately.  Haven't been since October and I am so ready.  Hurry up June!

currently spending way too much time on Pinterest but I don't care because it's inspiring and has inspired a lot more productivity to actually do and make the things I always put in the idea file.

currently still dazed and in almost disbelief that there is a baby growing in me.

What are you currently up to?

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