Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goals for the Week

  • Walk or other various activity for an absolute minimum of 30 minutes a day, every day. Make use of Y membership.
  • Eat lots of good fruits and veggies along with lean and healthy meats to stay full, active and healthy for me and baby.
  • Create a cute little organizational nook by the washer and dryer for detergent, bounce sheets, a jar for pocket finds etc.
  • Print pregnancy checklist.
  • Print out bank statements for taxes.
  • Finish filling out OB office paperwork.
  • Finish reading The Bell Jar.
  • Make notebook to keep all things related to pregnancy in.
  • Set up entry way shelf top with Disneyland plates, etc.  It's been on the to-do list without being done for far too long! done 3/20/11 :)
  • Call insurance about phone.
  • Call bompa website people about refunding an order I was charged for but never went through/was recieved.
  • Clean out and organize pantry shelves in kitchen.  Toss the crap- box up stuff to give away- and organize the rest.
Here's to a great and productive week! :)

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