Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I need/want to do this week

I didn't get nearly everything done on my to-do list last week... so I will carry those things forward and add anything else!

  • Create a cute little organizational nook by the washer and dryer for detergent, bounce sheets, a jar for pocket finds etc.
  • Dr. appointment on Tuesday!
  • Spend time with Teresa when she is in town!  yay!
  • Print pregnancy checklist.
  • Print out bank statements for taxes.
  • Finish reading The Bell Jar.
  • Make notebook to keep all things related to pregnancy in.
  • Help Roslyn with cleaning her room.
  • Buy Tangled on DVD on Tuesday for our little Rapunzel.
  • Start weekly pregnancy development blogging.  Want to document it all!
  • Print Faerie Frolic pics to scrap.
  • Call insurance about phone.
  • Call bompa website people about refunding an order I was charged for but never went through/was recieved.
  • Clean out and organize pantry shelves in kitchen.  Toss the crap- box up stuff to give away- and organize the rest
  • Turn in school enrollment for next year for Roslyn.
I hope I do better on this list this week! :)

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