Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We had our 1st Dr. Appointment Today

It went great!  We are so lucky to have the same doctor that we had with Roslyn, Dr. O'Hanesian, who we just loved.  He is the perfect fit for our family and we are so grateful that we have him for this baby too.

The appointment was full of paperwork, exams (possibly my least favorite thing EVER), and general chatter about pregnancy do's and don'ts, etc.  One thing I was really pleased with was to find out that I was probably around ten pounds lighter than I assumed I would be at, so I feel more confident that I am starting out the best that I can with this pregnancy in that regard.

We talked about how we will plan a cesarean this time, about a week before our due date and general dietary stuff, etc.  I walked out feeling happy, confident and absolutely sure that we are in the best care for us and nothing can really beat that feeling!

We have an ultrasound scheduled in a little over a week, next Thursday, which I absolutely can't wait for.  Todays appointment really has things sinking in and spurring more and more excitement for the fact that we are growing our family!  Funny how the fatigue and morning sickness hasn't had the same effect! ;)


  1. I am so happy to hear this. Dr. Ohanesian is FABULOUS. He's so nice and a great doctor. You are in very good hands. Everyone at that practice is great. I'm so glad it was a good appt. :)

  2. Very Exciting. and happy to get to read your blog again I miss the what's going on in the hall family stuff. LOVE YOU ALL and big hug to you and my niece and to my..... soon to know and so excited to meet!!!