Tuesday, May 17, 2011

14 weeks :)

Week 14 Of Pregnancy: Fetal Movement 
If you could peek inside yourself now, you'd see a baby the size of your clenched fist [or a decent sized lemon according to babycenter.com] (and come to think of it, at 14 weeks of fetal development, your little one can clench his or her own fist!). As fetal development continues, your baby also has the coordination, strength, and smarts to wiggle his or her fingers and toes and even suck a thumb (how cute is that?). 
At 14 Weeks Pregnant, Your Baby is a Mover (But Not a Shaker Yet) 
Growing by leaps and bounds, by week 14 of pregnancy, your baby is leaping and bounding. He or she is on the move almost constantly — and those movements are a far cry from those jerky twitches of last trimester (though you won't feel any of them for weeks to come). They are now ballet-like, smooth and fluid.  
Your Baby at 14 Weeks: Developing Perfect Posture (or Better Posture, at Least) 
Speaking of ballet, it'll be years before you'll start nagging your offspring to stand up straight — but unbelievably, he or she is doing it right now, without any prodding!  No slouch anymore, your baby's neck is getting longer, helping his or her head stand more erect. This gives your 14-week-old fetus a more straightened-out appearance.
Your Little Bigfoot — A Hairy Baby at 14 Weeks 
Growth is happening on top of the head as well — by 14 weeks pregnant, your baby could be sprouting some hair (though the final color may not be determined until birth) and the eyebrows are filling in, too.
Hair growth isn't limited to the baby's head, though.   He or she is also covered with a downy coating of hair called lanugo, largely there for warmth. As fat accumulates later on in your pregnancy (the baby's fat, not yours — though that will accumulate, too), most of the lanugo will shed — though some babies, especially those born early, still have a fuzzy coating at delivery (it sheds soon afterward).

Size of baby: about the size of a clenched fist or a lemon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -13.5 or so pounds

Maternity Clothes: No official maternity clothes, but loving my baggy, gathered at the bottom tanks and cardigan over that to try to conceal the changes that I'm seeing that look less like baby and more like water retention lol!

Gender: should know sometime by the end of June/early July

Movement: I am about 90% sure that I felt the first movement on Sunday night. <3

Sleep: sleeping alright. I think that thyroid meds help that. :)

What I miss: Sandwiches. 

What I'm Looking Forward To: Hearing the heart beat at our appointment on Monday, finding out if its a boy or a girl.

Cravings: Potatoes... preferably loaded mashed potatoes.

Symptoms: Morning sickness, headaches, ligament pain

Yay!  I made it to the second trimester!  I am so happy and excited to reach this milestone in this pregnancy.  So excited that Drew and I bought a little onesie tonight to kind of celebrate it.  Super cute.  

We have a doctor appointment this coming Monday and I absolutely cannot wait to hear the heartbeat while we're there and maybe even get to schedule our big ultrasound.  I know that I will be ordered to have more blood work done (BOO!) to check and see how my thyroid is after 6 weeks on the medicine, but it's all worth it.  Hopefully I am one of the lucky ones who the right dose was guessed and given the first time.  Here's to hoping!

This last week has had its share of ups and downs with stress and morning sickness, but I really feel like we are coming out on the other side of the negativity and stress in life and I have been able to successfully manage the morning sickness for the most part, so even if it doesn't get any better from here on out, I know that I can handle it where it is now.

Roslyn had her follow up for her thumb today and we were given the clear for no more antibiotics, just to keep an eye on it and that it continues to get better.  She'll lose the thumb nail at some point and it might not grow in normally for a few months since the infection was in the growth plate of the thumb nail.  We're grateful for her to have a great and caring doctor and finally be in the clear for the most part, truly a weight lifted!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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  1. Glad you are on the other side it seems you have had a bad couple of weeks. YOu are always in my prayers. CAN'T wait for the to find out what the baby is ;) and then I can stop buying neutral clothes cause there is only so many cute ones..... love you bunches!!! and miss you more than you know.