Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!

Well, it's finally here!  One of my personal favorite of fun and Happy Holidays... Halloween!  I love the crisp fall air, the traditions with family leading up to this festive day and all of the cute costumes that can be seen on kids all around.  It's a day of pure fun around these parts and I am so excited that it is here!
our halls are decked with Halloween treats!

Our pumpkins are carved... the costume is laid out and plans are made as to what we'll do this evening for Trick or Treating and celebrating fun.
Roslyn and I at the Square's festivities

We've definitely spent this month having the most fun that we can... heck, we started in September with our Disneyland trip!
at Disneyland

We've been to the two different pumpkin patches in town, we've spent the day at the Court House Square at our towns Harvest festival (sometimes, Prescott really does feel like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls) and so much more.  We've already had our fill of decorations, traditions, candy and more.
Pumpkins!  We went with a Tim Burton theme this year :)

One of my personal favorite traditions is our pumpkin carving!  Every year Drew, Roslyn and I pick out our designs and then I get to carve them all.  Roslyn helps with the pumpkin picking and guts, and well, Drew... lets just say he's head of the praise department.  He oohs and aahs and declares HIS design the best even though *I* am the one who carves it!

face painting at the Square

Roslyn had a blast getting her face painted again this weekend at the square.  It was a fun afternoon of candy, games, pumpkins, family time and so much more.

Halloween decorations around our house

Today Roslyn will wear her adorable costume to school and enjoy a Halloween party with her class followed by the traditional parade of costumes around the Court House Square.  I remember doing that when *I* was in 1st grade and I think it is so neat that Roslyn now gets to do that very same thing!  We're lucky to be a part of a school that is so rich with family events and traditions that have carried out through literally decades.  Here are some pictures of Roslyn in her costume last week at the Fall Carnival at the school.  I'll be getting some more and some 'official' costume pictures tomorrow. :)

fall carnival fun!

I hope that y'all who are celebrating Halloween have the best one yet!


  1. Love those pumpkins!!! And little Mini is super cute!!!

  2. What a way to start celebrating Disney! WOW! Don't know how you will top it next year ;0)

    Love all your decorations esp. the craved pumpkin - how FUN!!

    Have a wonderful Halloween :)

  3. Gorgeous photos!! Those pumpkins are amazing! I will have to bookmark to show my daughter.

  4. Fantastic photos!! You did a great job on those pumpkins, they turned out awesome! :)

  5. Looks like a hauntingly good time is being had by all! We just carved our pupkins yesterday. I guess that we are slackers. Have fun with Halloween! It looks like a truly fun time! Thanks for sharing! -Amanda

  6. Love the pumpkins and all of the great pictures!

    Happy Halloween!