Monday, July 29, 2013

Scrapbooking Disney

It's one of my favorite things to scrapbook.  In fact, Disneyland pictures were the first photos that I ever scrapbooked.  The first idea book I ever bought was The Big Idea Book of Disney Memories.  I have so many albums full of the pages of the trips we've taken.  They are Roslyn's very favorite scrapbooks to look through.

I belong to an amazing group online, disneyscrappers, that keeps me inspired with daily doses of Disney themed creativity, challenges and chatter.  I absolutely love stoping by there each day to browse the gallery and read and post on the boards.  If I am in a Disney scrapping rut, I can always count on a visit there to inspire me again.

I recently finished the cover of the album I am using for our latest trips memories.  I am trying something different and using the Project Life approach for this album.  Drew keeps meticulous notes of everything we do each day in the park and this will allow us to document our days as we experienced them.

I also spent some time looking through my personal archives of layouts about Disney tonight and had so much fun... seeing each of them brought back the memories and feelings of those trips and made me miss it and want to go back.  Homesick for one of my favorite places on earth, even though I was there only 6 days ago!

Here are some of the favorites that I came across...

Thanks for strolling through my memory lane of Disney layouts... now I want to go make more NOW.  It's only 1:25 in the morning... who needs sleep, right? ;)

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