Saturday, August 24, 2013

be soft

Lately I've noticed a trend, especially amongst women, of having to appear hard, bad ass, a take no shit type of person.  I am no stranger to these feelings and the desire to be every one of those things.  Life throws us curveballs.  We go through hell and back again and we desire to never, ever go back there.  We build up walls that we try to believe is our strength, when in reality is a fortress of all of those feelings of vulnerability and insecurity, hurt and sorrow that we are desperate to find relief from.

I've learned through my own painful experiences that those times where I was hard, I was "strong" and stoic, a bad ass who didn't take any shit from anyone I was little more than a lost, confused and wounded person running away and hiding from everything that I needed to face.  In my "strength" I damaged myself, my relationships and my well being in order to protect myself.  I was locked up in the walls of everything that I was hiding from and I was being who I now know that I never want to be.

Yes, we have to forge ahead and be strong when life spins madly out of control.  But I think that what is really strong is to be soft.  Be open.  Be vulnerable.  Because until we face our world head on and with an open mind and heart, we haven't begun to heal.  

I'll leave you with this that says it better than I ever could.

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  1. So well said, friend. I find that as I've grown and faced my demons, fought the hard fights, been to hell and back.... the one thing I have gained from it all is being softer than I ever was... open, ready, present. <3 It can be a daily struggle to stay that way, but it is so worth it.