Monday, January 27, 2014

Project Life

It's official.  I've drank the kool-aid that is Project Life and I love it.
The last three years have seen me increasingly stressed out by scrapbooking, what it means to me, and what I want from it.  I still love it.  I still find joy in it and most importantly, I still find it to be a priceless way to document and tell the stories of your life.  It has always been the perfect hobby for me, combining a love of photos, words and pretty papers and things.  It was love at first sight and I still love it.

But I have been overwhelmed.  The sheer amount of photos, stories and more can be cumbersome to begin to try to overcome and get down in an album.  Roslyn's first two years of life aren't merely in yearly albums, they are in volumes of at least ten full size albums.  I have piles and boxes of layouts that need homes.

It is overwhelming.  And it leaves with me visions of my dead body being pulled out from under a pile of scrapbooks when the neighbors finally noticed a smell.

I've seen Project Life pop up in the blog and scrap world since Becky Higgins introduced her products. It's looked nice and I've even drawn some inspiration from the layouts and used some of the products in my traditional pages.  But I dismissed it- I wasn't one of "them".

This year- I'm trying to be one of those people.  A Project Lifer.
Week 1- Page 1
Week 1- Insert Page front & back
Week 1- Page 2
As a family, we try to adventure a lot.  We document a lot.  We take a lot of pictures and we tell a lot of stories.  And scrapbooking all of that traditionally?  Overwhelming.  It's simply too much.  So this year, I am doing Project Life.  To get all of our photos and stories documented.

This doesn't mean that I am not scrapbooking traditionally anymore.  I still very much am.  I am just looking at our stories and my layouts as the greatest hits of our story being told.  I won't feel pressured to scrapbook awful pictures because it's a story I want to tell.  I will tell the story in my Project Life album, and I will scrapbook the pictures that inspire me.  Sometimes they will be the best pictures, sometimes they will be noisy nighttime iphone photos.  Sometimes the best pictures will simply be a 4x6 in my Project Life album.  No rules.  Just heart and stories being told and art being created.  I'm excited.  My family is excited.  And our stories are being told.

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