Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Project Life- Week 3

Our third week of 2014 saw our first week that was a little more "normal" as far as weeks go.  No extra inserts were needed and I truly felt that I was documenting our average, daily life.  the biggest adventure of the third week was when our Christmas tree suddenly, without any apparent reason fell over and crashed to the floor!  I blame angry holiday purists ghosts who had decided we had left our tree up for FAR too long.  

Week 3, Page 1
During the third week, Roslyn had a great playdate with her friend Ava, Drew got *really* excited about  me doing project life, Vivi and Daddy played guitar, Drew took care of me and the house while I was sick, Roslyn finally got a Pikachu hat, Vivi and I went on a thrift store adventure, and Daddy and mama and Vivi spent a Saturday afternoon together while Roslyn had a playdate with her friend Mia.  It was a good week.

Week 3, Page 2


  1. Ran into Drew at Walgreens picking up photos...my soul reaction was " wow! what an awesome partner, friend, husband, Dad :)