Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We think we have time...

My friend died last night. A girl I've known since I was 12, shared those crazy and awkward years that start with Jr. High and last through forever with, and welcomed our first born beautiful daughters within days of each other with.  A friend who lived her life aware of who her friends were and sharing with them what she thought they'd love to brighten their days. 

I did not see this coming. Never in a million years. If I had, I would have picked up the fucking phone. But now I am left with my to do list for today, written yesterday, that starts off with "call friend back while Vivi is at school". I hadn't been feeling well and as we have a tendency to do, we think we have time. We always think we have time. 

But we don't always have time. Sometimes, a missed phone call cannot be returned. Sometimes, you will never get to say hello again, and saddest of all, sometimes you will never get to say one last goodbye. 

I will miss my friend. I will miss her posts and message to me, her texts and her calls. My heart aches to lose my friend and for those who have lost their daughter, their mother, their sister and their friend. 

Friend, I promise to keep you in my heart. I promise to keep an eye out for your beautiful daughter, one of Roslyn's best friends. I promise to never run out of extra love and hugs for her. I pray that you are in peace and comfort and that you continue to shine your light on us the way you did in life. My heart is broken, but now yours is free. Until we meet again.