Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Doing: Coffee. Getting ready to go and pick up Roslyn from school and then to pick up my dad to run him around for a few errands. Today I will also be working on two papers for school, the photos for my friends services and hopefully I will have a little time left over to play with paper and scrapbook today.  My Disney Scrappers friends have a week long National Scrapbook Day crop event going which is making me itch to get some stuff done.

Listening to: Been listening to a lot of music lately... some favorites on repeat lately...
  • Jeff Bridges and the Abiders Live- Never Let Go (Tom Waits cover)
  • Joan Armatrading- Weakness in Me
  • The Hollies- Wasted on the Way
  • Ryan Adams- Two
  • Katy Segal- Greensleeves
  • The Weepies- World Spins Madly On
  • Semisonic- Closing Time

Reading: Last week I finished reading "Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape" by Jenna Miscavige Hill.  Very interesting read.  We followed it up by watching the new HBO Documentary on Scientology.  Fascinating stuff!

Planning: Our Disneyland trip in June for the 60th Anniversary celebration.  It will be nice to get away a bit.  There's been a lot of heavy stuff happening since we got back from our April trip, so I am definitely looking forward to getting away for a bit.

Thinking about: My friend who passed away.  My mom.  Loss. I went last night and started a very special tattoo in my moms honor and it's breathtaking already.  I'm overwhelmed by it honestly and it isn't even finished yet.

Looking forward to: Dinner with my family and Jessica tonight. Disneyland.  Being done with this semester at school. Quiet.  Calm.

Loving: My family. Drew, Roslyn, Vivi, My dad. They are my rocks. Irreplaceable, loving, supportive, and kind.  My friends- little acts of love and loyalty that mean more than I could ever begin to say. I'm blessed and that blessing is never lost on me.  I am so, so grateful for every single moment.

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