Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Day of School

Today was Vivi's last day of her first year of school.  
Vivi enjoying a yummy last day of school cupcake today.
They had an amazingly fun day of learning, dancing, bubble, playing and celebrating their big school year. Vivi had the biggest smile on her face when I picked her up from school, and I could tell that she wasn't sure she want to go home... she didn't want the day, the school year, to be over just yet.

Vivi walking up to her first day of school,
November 2014.

She started in November, 2014 after she turned three and aged out of Arizona Early Intervention for her physical therapy for her gross motor skills delay (you can read a little bit about our story with AZ Early Intervention and Vivi's physical therapy here).

This last year of school has literally been LIFE CHANGING for Vivi and in turn, our family, in every way.  I can't even begin to comprehend trying to express just how grateful I am for her school, her teachers and therapists and everything that they have done for her.

We went into the school year so scared.  Would she adapt? Would she even be willing to work with and get to know new people in her life? Would she like it? Would she make friends? Would she get stronger? The answer to everyone of those concerns was YES.  Yes, she would adapt so quickly and easily that it shocked us. She grew to love her teachers and therapists and work so hard to make them happy and proud. She loved it. She made so many great little friends. And yes, she grew so much faster and stronger, confident in her capabilities and so proud of herself.  Since she was on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, she soon figured out that some days she wasn't going to school and she would get sad and upset exclaiming "Ahhhh!  I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL MAMA!"  It was the things like that, that let me know we made the right choice in sending her off to preschool at the young age of three, when my mama heart simply didn't want to give her up for those hours during the week.  My baby. But she thrived and calmed every single one of my nerves and worries.

The last day of school is always bitter sweet for me. I'll miss this year... but I also can't wait for the next year for her.  She will have the same teacher, and will be going Monday through Thursday, and then have dance class on Friday, so she will be happy and busy and learning and growing.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this year, our village grew stronger and full of amazing and inspiring educators and therapists with a goal of helping Vivi grow.  
 And she has. More than I could have ever dreamed possible.

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